AHG Structure

The multidisciplinary human resource team in the Group has a high degree of professionalism and a wide range of capabilities and skills. We are committed to delivering to our agencies and customers the promise of high quality standards; therefore the projects undertaken have very diverse and experienced resource pool embracing such broad disciplines as:

Al Hashemi Group
Al Tawfeeq Trading and Contracting
Al Tawfeeq Petroleum Services
Olympic Trading and Contracting
  • Construction of Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Supply of Tents
  • Supply of Building Materials
  • Real Estate Services
  • Supply of Mechanical Spare Parts
  • Overland Transport
  • Highway Excavations
  • Highway Construction
  • Supply of Auto Spare Parts
  • Supply of Electronic Appliances & Machinery
  • Supply of Electronic Appliances
  • General Construction of Buildings
  • Construction of Roads Paved
  • Maintenance & Landscaping of Roads
  • Construction of Steel & Wood Portable Buildings
  • Supply Oil & Derivatives Equipment
  • Services to Oil & Gas Extraction excluding Surveying
  • Supply of Building Materials
  • Supply of Sanitaryware
  • Supply of Building Materials
  • Supply of Electronic Appliances
  • General Construction of Buildings
  • General Construction of Railways
  • Construction of Paved Roads
  • General Construction of Public Buildings

Products and distrobutative channels. And a wide range of other technical experts, all empowered with the latest Information Technology for efficient execution of their respective works.