Social Responsibility

Protecting the environment

Al Hashemi group has focused on developing environment related business areas for the last decade and has laid a strong foundation for large scale development in the local and regional markets. It has worked extensively to create environmental awareness through sponsorships of environmental events developing relationships with key stakeholders and investing in strategic technical alliances. Later on the Group evolved to become an entity trusted and committed to long term regional environmental causes, such as MARPOL 73/78 convention.

The confidence building measures with local governments and regional environmental NGO’s have so far yielded several exclusive operating rights for processing sea vessel generated waste.

One of the major initiatives to date is the execution of the EPIC contract for the Hazardous Waste Treatment Centre in Qatar. This prestigious Project is a multi treatment facility centre for oil and gas industry hazardous waste. The Group has acquired associations with world leading technology providers in all aspects of environmental business and is in a position to take on projects at all levels in this field.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Al Hashemi Group focus on ethical businesses gives it a basis to provide the demanding needs of the inspiring role Qatar is playing in this area. The concept of Corporate social responsibility is pursued with vigor as well as a focus on the environment as discussed earlier and on education.

The education division is engaged in activities associated with novel methodologies in providing education; concepts such as E-learning and ‘Smart Education’ are taken on board. In addition, this division is one of the approved operators of an Independent School in Qatar and have relationships with well experienced experts and organizations both in the Middle East and the West and is in position to provide consultancy services.