Founder of alHashemi Group Company
Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmed
Al Mustafawi Al Hashemi
(AHG chairman)
Founder of alHashemi Group Company
Mr. Ahmed bin Burgan
Al Mustafawi Al Hashemi
(AHG founder)

Our vision

Building on through the years, a rich and solid foundation in trading, contracting and services in Qatar and becoming the most successful provider in the GCC region of a dynamic, progressive, penetrative and versatile business across all market sectors and capitalizing on emerging opportunities while delivering to high standards with absolute client satisfaction.

About Us

Al Hashemi Group, was established in 1955 by Ahmed Bin Burgan AlMustafawi Al Hashemi in Qatar.

At the time, it acquired a good market share in the transport and trading operations in the Arabian Gulf, and took great advantage of the trading and contracting business opportunities available at the embryonic stage of development of Qatar.

It has consolidated the commercial successes of its founders to lay a strong foundation in the local and regional activities in the supply of materials and heavy equipment.

Upon the birth of Qatar as a State, the founding company of Al Hashemi Group, Al Tawfeeq, was well recognized as a Leading Contracting Company specialized in construction activities. Later on, it extended its activities to be involved in the fields of Oil & Gas Services, infrastructure and utilities based constructions.

Today Al Hashemi Group holds agencies for many global leading organizations and provide them with significant, and in some cases, prestigious commercial rewards from its unique business acumen

AHG Introduction & History


Al Hashemi Groups can trace its origins to the latter part of the nineteenth century in what was then Southern Persia when Al Tawfeeq was one of the largest transportation companies running large camel caravans throughout the Jazeera region of the Arabian and Persian Gulf. The company has since grown in to a major trading and contracting company representing large multi-national organisations within Qatar and through its partners and associates in other GCC countries and Iraq.

Al Tawfeeq Trading and Contracting Company was formed in 1955 during the early days of oil exploration in Qatar and was one of the first group of Qatari companies to be officially registered (Company Registration # 271).

Al Tawfeeq Trading and Contracting Company is wholly owned by its Chairman Mr. Abdulla A. Mustafawi Al Hashemi.

The trading division began by supplying luxury items of the time such as air-conditioners, refrigerators and freezers and was one the first importers of televisions in Qatar. The company developed into a major supplier of ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves and pumps to the public and private water and wastewater sectors and high voltage cables to the rapidly expanding power generation and distribution network.

The contracting division began by constructing large potable water, waste water and sewage pumping and treatment stations, potable water tower and ground level reservoirs and electricity generating station and distribution network substation installations for the Qatari public utility organisations. The division later expanded its activities to the telecommunications, military and private residential and agricultural sectors.


Over a period of thirty years Al Tawfeeq and Trading Company successfully completed projects to the value of QAR 638 billion.

Al Tawfeeq Trading and Contracting company is classified by the ‘Central Tenders Committee (CTC) which represents all the ministries in Qatar as follows:

  • Water & Electricity Distribution ProjectsGrade ‘A’
  • Sewage Projects: Grade ‘A’
  • Construction Projects: Grade ‘A’
  • Maintenance Projects: Grade ‘A’

In early 2006 the Al Hashemi Group was established with Al Tawfeeq Trading and Contracting Company as its founding business. Building on the long track record, experience and reputation of its founding company the Al Hashemi Group is able to develop its activities within the rapidly expanding infrastructure, transportation, commercial, private and travel sectors of the local and GCC markets.

Today the Al Hashemi Group can offer professional representation services through its autonomous and impartial divisions individually tailored to meet their principals’ market sector requirements.