Growing into the future

Al Hashemi Group has consolidated the facets of its capabilities and expertise through strategic restructuring with focus on entrepreneurial business areas. The consistent provision of technologically novel solutions that fits the needs of the dynamic market of Qatar enabled the company to gain market shares and a sustainable growth. It had worked extensively to create the widest possible market presence and network to facilitate sustainable growth.

The deep market access coupled with creativity and commitment to uphold high quality standards are proving to yield success with synergistic implications, providing further spin offs with ancillary activities to the core business.

This market share have been acquired threw the different companies belonging to the Al Hashemi Group; among them: Al Tawfeeq Trad. & Cont., Al Tawfeeq Petroleum Services, Al Tawfeeq Construction Services, Al Sarya Group, Al Sarya Environmental, Fourth Dimension, Olympic Trad. &Cont., Olympic Engineering Consultants.

Al Hashemi Group is fully committed to working in the changing business environment of the Region, and is geared to the challenges anticipated in business restructuring, the special needs of clientele, escalating quality standards and the emerging environmental and ethical obligations.

In order to fulfill a sustainable and growing business, an acumen is formulated that is a blend of profit generating business managed with flexibility to capitalize on lucrative opportunities in the fields of activities undertaken. This calculated risk approach has evolved the business constituents of Al Hashemi Group. The following pages provide an insight into the vision, structure and activities of the Group.